What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is a sensation!! Previously condemned ‘ORION’ the upgrade is titled Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. There are many new enhancements that will improve user experience and clarify business processes. CRM 2013 also improves usability across multiple browsers. Here are some new features.

1.      Command Bar

The left navigation used in previous version is replaced by the user-friendly Command Bar. Each command option features a down arrow indicating there is a menu below it.


The Command Bar drops down from top when you run your mouse over it.

2.      New User Experience

With an intuitive, less cluttered interface, you will notice the absence of pop-up windows. To navigate away from a page, hence, you do not “Close” the record, but select from the top navigation where you want to go.


3. Process Agility

Dynamics CRM 2013 gives user visual guidance to navigate processes that makes workflow more prescriptive and easier to follow. In a significant departure from CRM 2011, a new process bar prompts user to follow next action steps in line with your mapped workflow to progress leads, opportunities, services cases and other tasks.


4. Store Images In CRM 2013

Images can now be associated with all custom entities and some of the OOB, but with a catch-you still have only one image associated per record. This still serves the purpose in most cases where you want to store the contact or product image along with the record.


5. Quick Create Form

The Quick Create form makes it easier to create an entity record just by filling in key information. By default you will get quick forms in some of the entities like account, contact, lead, opportunity etc.


6. Portable Business Logic

Completely new to CRM 2013, Portable Business Logic is a wizard that allows you to create logical functions on the form including hiding and showing fields, enabling or disabling fields, setting requirement level. This new feature basically replaces some of the JavaScript needed in previous versions.


7. Quick View Forms

With Quick View Forms, you can create a form on one entity and use it in another entity. Most of the fields will be read only. In the image below, a Quick View form has been added to Opportunity showing contact information for primary Contact. Therefore, user can quickly call or email the contact without leaving opportunity.


8. Simplified Navigation

Rather than using a ribbon displaying every option to user, the navigation is streamlined to a few commands. The user can select the eclipses to find relevant commands for the records in context.


9. Different Categories Of Processes

In CRM 2013, there are four types of processes that you can utilize.


10. Auto-Save

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has the ability to auto save a record as you edit them. CRM saves a record every 30 seconds, and when you leave the record, it is auto-saved. This feature can be disabled from Settings.



 Written By: Akanksha Wadhwa (Dynamics CRM Team, Cipher Dynamics)